ALASKA BEAR – Natural Silk Sleep Night Cap Head Cover Bonnet for Hair Beauty

$19.99 (as of March 22, 2019, 11:32 am) $10.99


Alaska Bear – Enhance your Life

Tired of waking up with tangled, unmanageably dry hair?

We’re offering you the most efficient hair solution money can buy!

People with long hair are all too acquainted with the terrors of waking up to dry and broken off strands on their pillows. Little do they know that hair is most at risk of moisture-loss when they are lying in bed. Well, Alaska Bear has given your hair a fighting chance! Our natural silk night slumbers are exactly what you want to get up with perfect look!

Protects from hair drying, breaking and loss at night
100% natural silk fibres lock moisture
Unisex and designed to fit most sizes

Make your hair look more amazing than ever before!
This product was once designed with all hair styles and types in mind. We have carefully ensured that this product serves both convenience and functionality to guarantee fresh and healthy taking a look hair each morning!

Promotes moisture and hair regrowth
Designed to fit snugly on any head to verify sound sleep
Made of hypoallergenic, breathable material to prevent discomfort